Rachel G. Huveldt RN, MPA

I think what cuts across all of the positions that I have held in healthcare is my goal of making a difference in the lives of the individuals with whom I come in contact. My career has been diverse. It cuts across, acute care hospitals, medical clinics, fortune 500 companies and the Airline Industry. It was when I was employed by an international airline that I ruptured 3-cervical discs in a near-miss incident.

Thus became my 8-year journey to find out why I was experiencing migraine headaches. During this time, I was seen by many physicians and tried all types of therapy for pain relief and could only work part-time. Finally a sports medicine physician diagnosed my condition as three ruptured cervical discs and I underwent a cervical fusion. I still had migraine headaches but not as severe.

All that changed in 2015, when Bob (my Chihuahua’s) hind legs became paralyzed. Bob’s Veterinarian recommended back surgery ($10,000). Bob was 10 years old at the time, and I felt it was too much trauma for him. A friend recommended a dog Chiropractor who administered 5-Light Therapy treatments and Bob fully recovered. This incident led me to Dan Schell, the engineer who developed the Light Therapy machine used on Bob. We purchased the medical device and have successfully treated Bob, my husband and myself.

I started treating family and friends and realized that I wanted to make Light Therapy available to individuals, who like me, were seeking pain relief. And thus BIOLight Therapy was born. My husband, Bob and I continue to use Light Therapy to maintain our health and well-being. Prior to moving to Prescott, AZ, I had a practice in Monterey County California, where I was able to bring pain relief to many of my clients. I look forward to introducing Light Therapy to individuals who suffer from pain and other afflictions.

Light Therapy has made a difference to me and my husband’s life, and of course Bob’s Life. And, most of all, I am making a difference.